Is Xander Zayas The Heir Apparent To The Puerto Rican Boxing Throne?

Is Xander Zayas The Heir Apparent To The Puerto Rican Boxing Throne?

In June 2005, Miguel Cotto defended his title during the Puerto Rican Day Parade Weekend boxing event. Nearly two decades later, Xander Zayas headlined the same event, following in his idol’s footsteps by defeating Patrick Teixeira in a unanimous decision victory.

Zayas had dreamed of headlining the Puerto Rican Day Weekend event since he was just 5 years old. Facing off against former WBO junior-middleweight champion Patrick Teixeira, Zayas showed his skills by focusing on the body in the opening round and landing sharp shots in the following rounds.

Throughout the fight, Zayas remained active and pressured Teixeira, forcing him to fight defensively. Despite a strong attack in the eighth round, Zayas was unable to secure a knockout. In the end, Zayas earned a unanimous decision victory over Teixeira.

With this win, Zayas maintained his undefeated record and Teixeira suffered a defeat. As Zayas continues to build momentum, there is speculation about whether he could be the next face of Puerto Rican boxing.

In past eras, Puerto Rican boxing fans have had iconic fighters leading the way. Now, they are searching for the next boxer who can captivate audiences and carry the torch for Puerto Rican boxing. Zayas is emerging as a strong contender for this role, with his skills, style, and charisma making him a popular choice among fans.

While Zayas is on the right path, he understands the need for a signature win to solidify his position in the eyes of Puerto Rican fans. He embraces the responsibilities that come with this role and is confident that with focus and continued success, he can reach the top of Puerto Rican boxing.

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