Benavidez’s Fixation on Canelo: Obsession or Strategic Promotion?

Benavidez’s Fixation on Canelo: Obsession or Strategic Promotion?

David Benavidez has been making more references to Canelo Alvarez than himself in the lead-up to his upcoming fight against Oleksandr Gvozdyk this Saturday night.

While some fans view this as a clever ploy to generate interest in the match by leveraging Canelo’s popularity, others question if Benavidez’s fixation on Canelo borders on hero worship.

Benavidez’s constant talk of Canelo over the years raises concerns about his self-confidence and ability to carve out his own legacy without relying on the superstar’s name.

Expressing frustration over not receiving a title shot at 168 pounds, Benavidez feels entitled to fight Canelo for the belts. However, his resentment towards Canelo may stem from a deeper place of feeling overlooked and undervalued.

Despite being the top contender at super middleweight, Benavidez feels thwarted by financial and strategic obstacles preventing him from facing Canelo. This sense of frustration and victimhood only serves to alienate fans and diminish his standing in the boxing world.

Benavidez’s accusations that Canelo chooses easy opponents and is avoiding a showdown with him further amplify the tension between the two fighters. However, Benavidez’s decision to move up to light heavyweight instead of solidifying his position in the super middleweight division raises questions about his determination to prove himself against the best in his weight class.

Ultimately, Benavidez’s fixation on Canelo may be hindering his own career progression, as it diverts attention from his own achievements and potential. It’s time for Benavidez to focus on his own path and establish himself as a formidable force in the boxing world, independent of Canelo’s shadow.

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