Bautista defends against Haghighat Joo on April 27 in Toronto 

Bautista defends against Haghighat Joo on April 27 in Toronto 

Guadalupe Bautista will travel to Canada to defend her World Boxing Association junior flyweight title on April 27 against local Sara Haghighat Joo. The bout will take place at the Toronto Casino Resort and will be the main event of the night.

Bautista, 35, is the champion and will try to retain her crown despite being a visitor. The Mexico City native will be making the third defense of her belt, which she won in 2020 when she defeated Nora Cardoza.

In September 2021 she made her first defense defeating Alma Meraz Rodriguez, and her second was against Gabriela Sanchez in 2022. It should be noted that during all that time, Bautista has remained active and making fights, despite the fact that in some of them the belt has not been at stake.

Haghighat Joo is an undefeated fighter who has been going strong since her debut in 2022. A 29-year-old fighter with good technique, she is fast finding herself with a great opportunity and will try to take advantage of her tools and the fact that she is at home to surprise the champion and take the title.

Bautista has a record of 23 wins, 11 losses and 2 draws, in addition to 6 knockouts. Haghighat Joo has 3 wins and is undefeated.

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