Turki Alalshikh targets Wilder vs Anderson on Aug. 3

Turki Alalshikh targets Wilder vs Anderson on Aug. 3

The Saudis are keeping busy as it relates to boxing, with Turki Alalshikh (who serves as the chairman for Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority) already eyeing end of summer plans for heavyweights Deontay Wilder and Jared Anderson.

Wilder is currently scheduled to take on Zhilei Zhang on June 1 on a major card that will take place in Saudi Arabia and Alalshikh posted on social media last night that he plans to put Wilder in against Anderson on an August 3 card in Los Angeles as part of Riyadh Season, should he be fit to fight that soon after facing Zhang.

“The talented Jared Anderson is with us now on August 3rd Riyadh Season card at LA against the ‘Bronze Bomber’ Deontay Wilder if he’s ready by then to fight after 1st of June’s fight against Zhilei Zhang,” Alalshikh wrote on X.

“I always believe that boxing would be at its peak when you have young American heavyweights like Jared Anderson which I also believe in his talent and his promising future. my advice to him ‘Focus on your future, training, and commitment and you will reach to your goals.’ Happy to collaborate with Top Rank again – Riyadh Season card 3rd of August in LA, will be one for the history!”

Wilder will need to show he’s still got the passion and ability to compete at the top level considering his most recent performance, but if he does get past Zhang in style then a fight against Anderson could prove to be either a passing of the torch or evidence of Anderson’s ceiling.

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