‘PBC don’t want to work with anyone and now they’re f—ked’: Hearn talks Canelo’s recent departure

‘PBC don’t want to work with anyone and now they’re f—ked’: Hearn talks Canelo’s recent departure

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn weighs-in on the recent news of Canelo Alvarez parting ways with PBC. Hearn will now look to once again secure his own deal with the Mexican star, and says a potential fight between Canelo and David Benavidez is still possible for later this year as far as he’s concerned. Here’s some of what Hearn had to say below.

Hearn on why they ever let Canelo Alvarez go from their platform is he’s such a big draw

“Because we didn’t have the opponents for him. The only fight we had for him was Dmitry Bivol, which we couldn’t make because Bivol had a fight to do and then he was fighting Beterbiev. So we couldn’t get that fight made. Bivol wanted to do it at 168, Canelo wanted it at the same terms, so he had no choice but to join the PBC because they gave him a good path, but the path eroded, the path that was mapped out never actually materialized.

“He was disappointed with the Charlo fight because Charlo ran for 12 rounds, he didn’t even try to win the fight, and his brother might not even turn up…when I talk to Saul about Benavidez, the fact that people think he won’t fight him, he actually laughs. This guy has fought everybody, he’ll fight Benavidez, and we’ll do that deal. But he wants activity, he wants a plan. Benavidez ain’t happening in May.”

On why he didn’t try to make a Benavidez fight before, when he had Canelo under contract

“Because the PBC don’t want to work with anyone and now they’re fucked. So you get to a situation where if I reached out to Benavidez, what the PBC do is go ‘we’re only making that fight on the PBC.’..and this is what people don’t understand; they’re not willing to let their guys go on another platform to take a chance to achieve greatness, it all has to happen with them only.

“If we do manage to do a deal with Canelo Alvarez, we can do Munguia, we can do Berlanga, or if Benavidez wants to come and fight. When PBC do a deal they only let you go and fight one of their fighters if you align yourself to PBC. What I wouldn’t do to Benavidez is say ‘you can fight Canelo Alvarez but you’ve got to sign a five-fight with Matchroom or DAZN.’ I just want to see a great fight.

“Canelo never got Benavidez offers for May and all this big money that everyone’s talking about. They said to him ‘you can fight Jermall Charlo, and by the way, the money we’ve promised you, we’re not even promising you that anymore.’ He don’t even want to fight Charlo, so he’s got to look at other options. He’s got to look at young fighters who are ready.

“If Benavidez wants to come and talk to us and make that fight, we can talk to him and make that fight no problem. But if (Canelo’s) leaving the PBC because they haven’t delivered on what was planned, you can’t just expect him to hang around and wait on them. So Munguia, I think, is the fight for May. Listen, if Berlanga happens in September, great, maybe he gets another big win in the meantime.

“If Benavidez wants to fight in September, Saul will fight all of them, he just wants to be active.”

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