Hrgovic Confident in Knockout Victory Over Dubois

Hrgovic Confident in Knockout Victory Over Dubois

Filip Hrgovic, the IBF mandatory heavyweight contender, is confident that he will knock out Daniel Dubois on Saturday in Riyadh. He believes that Dubois has shown vulnerability to taking punishment in his previous fights against Joe Joyce and Oleksandr Usyk, where he quit. Hrgovic is convinced that if he lands his best shots on Dubois, he will collapse on fight night.

Predicting this clash is tricky due to Hrgovic’s limited experience against top-tier opponents, with Zhilei Zhang being the only notable name on his record. Despite his victory in that fight, he struggled against Demsey McKean, a surprising turn of events as Hrgovic is not known for his knockout power.

On the other hand, Dubois, at 26, holds advantages in terms of youth, speed, size, and power over Hrgovic. However, his lack of experience could play a crucial role in the outcome of the fight. Both fighters have shown susceptibility to being hurt, making the fight unpredictable.

While Hrgovic believes that his past sparring session with Dubois gives him a psychological edge, the impact of that encounter remains uncertain. Dubois’ resilience has been questioned due to his quitting in previous fights, but he has also displayed courage in tough situations, such as his victory over Jarrell Miller.

Ultimately, Hrgovic’s confidence in his ability to withstand punches and apply pressure to stop Dubois remains unwavering. His determination and belief in his chin’s durability suggest that he is prepared to go the distance and emerge victorious on fight night.

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