Haney Predicts Ryan’s Retirement: “He’s in it for the Money”

Haney Predicts Ryan’s Retirement: “He’s in it for the Money”

WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney predicts that Ryan Garcia will retire on April 20th or soon after their fight. Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) says Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) is in the sport for money, and he’s already made a lot in his eight-year career.

The $100 Million Question

The 25-year-old Ryan’s net worth is $20 million, but it could be considerably more. He says he wants to accumulate a fortune of $100 million, and for him to make that kind of money, he’ll need to continue fighting long after his April 20th fight against Haney.

Win or lose, Ryan is expected to keep fighting and be involved in big fights against the top-level fighters at 140. If Ryan fights Teofimo Lopez, rematches Gervonta Davis and faces Shakur Stevenson, he could see his net worth rise to $100 million because those would be massive fights, thanks to Kingry’s large social media following.

Earnings Potential: Ryan’s Edge?

It won’t be surprising if Ryan makes more money than Haney during his career due to his exciting fighting style, personality, and collosol fan base.

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For Haney to become a PPV attraction on his own, he’s got to be more exciting in the ring and have something to say outside of the ring. It’s pretty clear that Haney will need a complete makeover with his fighting style for him to make massive money.

Haney will defend his WBC 140-lb title against Ryan on April 20th on DAZN PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

“Ryan is a different type of fighter. He tried to jump on you, and he gets reckless. So, I feel if he gets reckless, he can go down, which we know he’s going to get reckless,” said Devin Haney to DAZN Boxing after his New York press conference with Ryan Garcia.

“There’s still big fights at 140 [after Ryan Garcia fight]. There’s Teofimo Lopez, Matias. I want to make the biggest fights happen for the most amount of money. I will fight anybody. These dudes say that, but they’re not really that. If it makes sense for any fight, I’ll fight anybody.

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“I think Ryan Garcia is going to retire after this. Ryan is in it for the money, and he wants to make the biggest fights happen. So, I don’t see him being in it too much longer. After this, he’s made a lot of money, so I don’t see him sticking around too much longer,” said Haney.

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