Keyshawn Davis Dismisses Importance of Avenging Amateur Losses to Andy Cruz

Keyshawn Davis Dismisses Importance of Avenging Amateur Losses to Andy Cruz

Keyshawn Davis is adamant that his prior losses to Andy Cruz during their amateur days are of no consequence now that he has transitioned into the professional realm. The lightweight contender, with a record of 10-0 and 7 KOs, is making noise about wanting to settle the score with Cruz before he even considers giving a shot at his WBO light welterweight title to Teofimo Lopez.

Keyshawn believes that the past defeats to Cruz should not dictate his present actions, especially since most fans are unaware of these losses. While casual fans may not be familiar with Cruz’s dominance over Keyshawn, hardcore boxing enthusiasts are well aware of these matchups. It appears weak on Keyshawn’s part to opt for lesser opponents instead of facing Cruz once more.

Furthermore, Keyshawn has criticized Teofimo Lopez’s choice of opponent for his upcoming title defense, considering it to be lackluster. Despite his critique, Keyshawn himself is set to face Miguel Madueno in his next fight, a boxer who was convincingly defeated by Teofimo’s chosen opponent in a previous bout.

In a social media rant against Teofimo, Keyshawn expressed his reluctance to have to earn his shot against the reigning champion. He compared his attitude to that of Vasyl Lomachenko, suggesting that Lomachenko would willingly face a previous adversary in order to secure a title opportunity. This contrast in approach highlights Keyshawn’s perceived sense of entitlement and reluctance to face challenges head-on.

Keyshawn’s refusal to address his losses to Cruz in pursuit of a title shot reflects a fear-based mentality and a concerning level of complacency. It remains to be seen how Top Rank will navigate Keyshawn’s attitude and opponent selections in the future. Despite his defiance, Keyshawn’s actions speak louder than his words, drawing criticism for his unwillingness to confront past defeats and earn his place in the ring.

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