Deontay Wilder Vows to Return to His Roots for Zhilei Zhang Fight

Deontay Wilder Vows to Return to His Roots for Zhilei Zhang Fight

Declared in a social media post, the former WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder, announced his return to his old fighting style in preparation for his upcoming bout against Zhilei Zhang on June 1st at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, airing on DAZN PPV.

To secure a victory against Zhang, Wilder must truly believe in his ability and unleash a relentless onslaught of right hands from the opening round. Failure to do so could lead to a quick defeat at the hands of the formidable Zhang within just a couple of rounds.

Acknowledging his recent missteps, Wilder confessed to abandoning his aggressive knockout-oriented approach in favor of a more tactical boxing style. However, in facing the powerful Zhang, Wilder understands that holding back will inevitably result in a career-ending knockout.

Reflecting on his lackluster performance against Joseph Parker in his last fight, where he failed to engage and ultimately suffered a one-sided defeat, Wilder acknowledges the need to rediscover his identity as the “Bronze Bomber” and embrace his seek-and-destroy fighting mentality.

In anticipation of his upcoming match, Wilder exudes confidence, emphasizing the importance of returning to his roots and rectifying past mistakes. Aware of the stakes and the challenges posed by Zhang’s superior power, Wilder is determined to reclaim his former glory and dominate in the ring once more.

With a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to his aggressive fighting style, Wilder prepares to face Zhang with the unwavering belief that he will emerge victorious on June 1st. The return of the “King” and the resurgence of the “Bronze Bomber” signals Wilder’s determination to reclaim his status as a dominant force in the heavyweight division.

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