who won the boxing match floyd mayweather or logan paul

who won the boxing match floyd mayweather or logan paul

The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul generated a great deal of anticipation and excitement among fans worldwide. Both fighters brought their unique strengths and strategies to the ring, making it a highly anticipated event. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the match to determine who emerged as the victor.

Physical Attributes

Mayweather, known for his exceptional speed and defensive skills, possesses a compact and agile physique. His ability to dodge punches and counter effectively has been his trademark throughout his career. On the other hand, Paul, a YouTube personality turned boxer, has a significant height and reach advantage over Mayweather, which he aimed to utilize to his advantage.

Experience and Skill

Mayweather, a boxing legend, has an illustrious career, having won multiple world titles in different weight divisions. His experience and technical skills in the ring have made him one of the greatest boxers of all time. In contrast, Paul, relatively new to professional boxing, has limited experience compared to Mayweather.

Training and Preparation

Mayweather, known for his rigorous training regimen, prepared extensively for the match. His training included intense workouts, sparring sessions, and strategic planning with his team. Paul, too, dedicated himself to training, working on his boxing skills and conditioning to make the most of his opportunity in the ring.

Strategy and Game Plan

Mayweather entered the match with a well-established defensive strategy, aiming to tire out his opponent while landing precise counter punches. His plan was to frustrate Paul and capitalize on any mistakes he made. Paul, on the other hand, intended to use his reach advantage to keep Mayweather at bay and deliver powerful punches whenever possible.

In-Ring Performance

The match itself showcased Mayweather’s defensive prowess as he adeptly avoided most of Paul’s punches. He utilized his speed and footwork to stay out of harm’s way, frustrating Paul throughout the fight. Paul, despite his efforts, struggled to land significant punches on Mayweather due to his opponent’s defensive skills.

Judges’ Scoring

In boxing matches, judges score each round based on various criteria, including effective punches landed, defense, ring generalship, and aggression. While the match between Mayweather and Paul was an exhibition bout, the judges’ scoring could still provide insights into who performed better overall.

Public Opinion

Public opinion plays a significant role in determining the winner of a boxing match. Fans express their views on social media platforms, forums, and through various polls. Analyzing public sentiment can provide a glimpse into who the majority believes won the match between Mayweather and Paul.


While the Mayweather-Paul match did not have an official winner due to its exhibition nature, it is evident that Mayweather’s experience, skill, and in-ring performance were superior to Paul’s. Mayweather’s defensive strategy, coupled with his ability to land precise counter punches, showcased his mastery in the sport. However, public opinion may vary, as some may appreciate Paul’s efforts and his ability to withstand Mayweather’s attacks. Ultimately, the match served as an entertaining spectacle that allowed fans to witness two individuals from different backgrounds compete in the ring.

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