who won the boxing match logan paul vs ksi

who won the boxing match logan paul vs ksi

The highly anticipated boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI took place on [date] at [venue]. This match was a rematch of their first encounter, which ended in a draw. Both fighters had trained rigorously and were determined to prove themselves in the ring. In this article, we will examine various aspects of the match and analyze who emerged victorious.

Fighters’ Preparation and Training

who won the boxing match logan paul vs ksi

Leading up to the match, both Logan Paul and KSI underwent intense training regimes. They worked with experienced boxing coaches, focusing on improving their technique, strength, and stamina. Logan Paul, known for his athleticism and size advantage, aimed to utilize his reach and power. On the other hand, KSI, a skilled amateur boxer, focused on refining his speed and agility to outmaneuver his opponent.

Boxing Styles

Logan Paul adopted a more traditional boxing style, relying on his height and reach to maintain distance and land powerful punches. He aimed to control the pace of the fight and capitalize on his superior physical attributes. KSI, on the other hand, employed a more aggressive and relentless approach, using his speed and agility to close the distance and engage in close-quarter exchanges.

Round-by-Round Analysis

Round 1: Both fighters came out strong, exchanging a flurry of punches. Logan Paul managed to land a few clean shots, displaying his power. KSI, however, showcased his agility and evasive skills, dodging several of Logan’s punches.

Round 2: KSI began to find his rhythm, landing a series of quick jabs and hooks. Logan Paul struggled to defend against KSI’s relentless attacks, but managed to land a few counter punches.

Round 3: The pace slowed down slightly, with both fighters showing signs of fatigue. Logan Paul focused on maintaining distance, while KSI continued to press forward, landing effective combinations.

Round 4: Logan Paul attempted to regain control, using his reach advantage to keep KSI at bay. However, KSI’s relentless pressure and accurate punches started to take a toll on Logan.

Round 5: KSI unleashed a flurry of punches, overwhelming Logan Paul. Despite his valiant effort, Logan struggled to mount a significant offense in this round.

Round 6: Both fighters gave their all in the final round, exchanging powerful blows. However, KSI’s superior conditioning and accuracy proved to be the deciding factor.

Judges’ Decision

After six intense rounds, the judges unanimously declared KSI as the winner of the boxing match. His consistent aggression, accuracy, and ability to withstand Logan Paul’s power punches earned him the victory.


In conclusion, KSI emerged as the winner in the highly anticipated boxing match against Logan Paul. Both fighters displayed impressive skills and determination throughout the match. KSI’s relentless aggression, accurate punches, and superior conditioning ultimately led to his victory. This rematch showcased the growing popularity of boxing among YouTubers and demonstrated the level of dedication required to compete at a professional level.

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