Bud Crawford Gets the ‘Champion in Recess’ Golden Ticket

Bud Crawford Gets the ‘Champion in Recess’ Golden Ticket

Terence Crawford has been granted the title of ‘Champion in Recess’ by the WBC as he prepares to move up to the 154-pound division to challenge Israil Madrimov for the WBA junior middleweight title on August 3rd. This upcoming bout will also serve as a final eliminator for the WBC 154-pound division, with the winner becoming mandatory for the October showdown between WBC/WBO junior middleweight champion Sebastian Fundora and Errol Spence Jr.

In a potential fantasy scenario, Crawford could hold three titles at 154 pounds by winning just two fights. A rematch with Spence could also be on the horizon if Crawford emerges victorious in his bout against Fundora in October, offering the possibility of a lucrative payday for the Nebraska native.

However, it’s not guaranteed that Crawford will succeed in his upcoming challenges, especially against someone like Madrimov who is considered to be on a different level. Critics point to Crawford’s lack of experience at 154 pounds, his advancing age, and his infrequent fights as potential obstacles to his success.

Despite Crawford’s move to the 154-pound division, the WBC has chosen to designate him as the ‘Champion in Recess’ rather than strip him of his welterweight title, leaving the door open for a potential return to the division. Mario Barrios currently holds the interim welterweight title and may be elevated to full champion status in Crawford’s absence.

The possibility of Crawford returning to welterweight hinges on factors like the emergence of popular contenders like Devin Haney. Haney could provide an attractive option for Crawford to make a comeback to the division, unlike others like Barrios or Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis, who may not hold the same appeal for the former champion.

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