‘Everything takes patience’: Arum says big fights will come for Stevenson

‘Everything takes patience’: Arum says big fights will come for Stevenson

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum shares his reaction to a couple of hot topics around the boxing world, including Teofimo Lopez calling out Terence Crawford and then reacting to Shakur Stevenson’s retirement announcement. Needless to say, Arum doesn’t react like he’s just lost a potential great.

Arum on if Teofimo Lopez could realistically fight Terence Crawford like he wants to

“I promote Teofimo. Teofimo says he wants that fight, so at least half of that fight I can say is gonna happen or should happen. I don’t promote Terence Crawford any longer, it’s up to Terence Crawford to see if he wants that fight and if he does I’m sure we’ll be able to put it together.”

On Shakur Stevenson announcing his retirement

“Shakur wanted to fight Navarrete, who is the 130 lb champion now moving up to 135. Navarrete was ordered if he wants to fight for a title to fight Berinchyk, which fight will happen. Then as far as Lomachenko is concerned, Loma got a bigger offer — we got a big offer for Loma to fight Kambosos for the IBF title in Australia, which he took.

“Shakur is the WBC champ. There are plenty of really good fighters for him to fight. Obviously down the road we’ll be able to do with Shakur and Lomachenko if Lomachenko is successful, or with Navarrete if Navarrete becomes the WBO 135 lb champion. Everything takes patience.

“Now Shakur is a tremendous talent but with a lot of tremendous talents, they become impatient. They want everything today or tomorrow. That’s not the way it happens in boxing. So I understand his frustration but I also think now that he’s had time to reflect he realizes now that he has to be patient and the big fights will come to him.”

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