Haney – Garcia Battle Heats Up!

Haney – Garcia Battle Heats Up!

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia went at it during ESPN’s First Take, with Dev trashing Kingry’s lack of quality wins during his professional career ahead of their light welterweight championship fight on April  20th in New York.

Trading Shots: Who Have You Beaten?

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WBC 140-lb champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) appeared to get the better of Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) by questioning who he had beaten during his eight-year professional career. Haney pointed out that Ryan stepped up once in his career and was beaten by Gervonta Davis.

There’s definitely an imbalance in experience against high-level opposition between the two fighters, and Ryan is going to show that he handles the big jump in talent.

Devin Haney: “What if I knock you out with my right hand?”

Ryan Garcia: “That would be crazy.”

Haney: “He only has one punch, and that’s the left hook.”

Ryan: “You don’t get to where I’m at with one punch. Obviously, I have another punch. I’ve knocked people out with the right hand.”

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Haney: “Who did you beat?”

Ryan: “Luke Campbell, he was tough.”

Haney: “Who has Luke Campbell beat?”

Wasted Potential or Calculated Rise?

Ryan: “You did beat a lot of good people, and I respect that, but you didn’t put your stamp on it like I beat them. It was just kind of like med [mediocre].”

Haney: “You beat nobody. You stepped up one time, and you lost. You quit.”

Ryan: “I did beat Fortuna.”

Haney: “Fortuna was washed when you fought him.”

Ryan: “How easy was it? I was killing there, bro.”

Haney: “Fortuna retired after that, didn’t he?

Ryan: “And Luke Campbell. I retire people. They smile after they get out of the ring with you. They’re happy. After they fight me, it’s like, ‘I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.

Haney: “What about the Tank fight? How were you after?”

Ryan: “Chilling.”

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