Hearn Blasts PBC for Obstructing Canelo – Benavidez: “They’re Not Willing to Let Their Guys…”

Hearn Blasts PBC for Obstructing Canelo – Benavidez: “They’re Not Willing to Let Their Guys…”

Promoter Eddie Hearn blasted Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) for their focus on self-interest, creating roadblocks for a fight between Canelo Alvarez and PBC-managed fighter David Benavidez from happening.

Hearn says PBC isn’t willing to allow their fighters to compete on other networks. It must always be on PBC, and they won’t let their fighters achieve greatness against another fighter if it’s not on their network.

PBC’s Iron Grip

“Because PBC don’t want to work with anyone, and now they’re f****. If I work out with Benavidez, what does PBC do? ‘We’re only going to make that fight on PBC,’ not, ‘We’ll give Benavidez the opportunity,’ and this is what people don’t understand,” said Eddie Hearn to the media about the obstacles he would have trying to put a fight together between Canelo Alvarez and PBC-managed David Benavidez.

Hearn didn’t say what he meant by saying that PBC is “f***d,” but it could indicate that he sees them as a sinking ship about to go under as a company. That’s what promoter Oscar De La Hoya said is happening with PBC now, with fighters “jumping ship” left and right.

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“They’re not willing to let their guys do on another platform to take a chance to achieve greatness,” said Hearn about PBC. “It all has to happen with them only. What we do is sign who we want to sign, people who have commercial value. Not just guys because they have a good name.”

For Benavidez, it’s disappointing that he’s failed to get the fights he’d wanted against the likes of Canelo during his career. Benavidez is 27 now and appears to be outgrowing the 168-lb division, heading to 175, which is a division that only has two notable fighters.

Call for Flexibility

“PBC has lost a lot of money from doing fights with those fighters. So, the price has to be right, and the business has to be right,” said Hearn. “If we do manage to do a deal with Canelo Alvarez, we can do Munguia, we can do Berlanga, or if Benavidez wants to come and play.

“When PBC does a deal, they only allow you to fight one of their fighters if you align yourself to the PBC. What I wouldn’t do with Benavidez is, ‘You can fight Canelo Alvarez, but you’ve got to sign a five-fight deal or DAZN.’ I just want to see a great fight.”

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If PBC goes under, Benavidez will be a free agent, which will finally make a fight between him and Canelo possible. Of course, if PBC can hang for a little while, two or three years, Benavidez will likely be too heavy by then, unable to return to 168 for a fight with Canelo.

The Mexican star isn’t going to come up to 200 to face Benavidez at cruiserweight or heavyweight, which is likely where he’ll wind up sooner or later.

Canelo’s Focus: Opponents and Pay

“Canelo Alvarez doesn’t care about who is with whom. This is what Canelo will say to me. ‘Eddie, who am I fighting and how much?’” said Hearn.

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