Ryan Garcia Promises Ugly KO: “I’m Coming for His Neck”

Ryan Garcia Promises Ugly KO: “I’m Coming for His Neck”

During today’s New York press conference, Ryan Garcia promised to go straight for Devin Haney’s neck when he challenges him for his WBC light welterweight title on April 20th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

During today’s press conference, Kingry came out on a throne surrounded by six beautiful women, looking like a King to begin promoting his title challenge against Haney.

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Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) kept it light, joking around and having fun on stage. In contrast, Haney and his dad, Bill, were too intense, like they were wound up at being upstaged by the more charismatic challenger.

Obviously, they didn’t have anything planned, so they were overwhelmed from the get-go. That was a mistake. Both fighters must be prepared for these press conferences, as they’re selling this fight, which requires theatrical skills. Ryan realized that, and he did an outstanding job.

Ryan’s Vicious Intent

“I’m coming straight for his neck. I promise you that. It’s going to be ugly. You’re going to need a helper,” said Ryan Garcia during today’s press conference in New York. “I love NYC. People think I hate NYC. If it’s NYC, it’s going to be NYC. April 20th, I’m going to destroy you.

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“I’m going to beat the s*** out of him.”

“We know that Ryan doesn’t want the fight to be here. he’s tricking people. Hes doing all that he can go have it in Las Vegas,” said Haney. “We’ve seen Ryan quit before. On April 20th, it’ll be no different.”

“He finally became more of a draw. Every time he fights, he’s med,” said Ryan about Haney. “This is the perfect time. I think this is the right moment.”

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“We can say he’s eager to fight me, but we don’t know. If he goes with another jog with Floyd, he might pull out,” said Haney.

“You’re going to see Devin victorious,” said Bill Haney, predicting victory for his son, Haney.

“He’s going to get his a** whipped,” said Ryan.

Haney Attacks Garcia’s Past

“When it gets hot, you quit,” said Haney. “Have I ever quit like you?”

“I’m not even going to make him quit. I’m going to knock you out,” said Ryan.

“I give you my word,” said Ryan when asked if he’d retire if he got knocked out in the first round by Haney.

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“Yes, it does [end in a knockout], but I want to knock him out with a right hand,” said Ryan.

“What if I knock you out with a hook?” said Haney.

“That’s impossible,” said Ryan.

“He’s got a weak frame. That’s all I remember from our fights. Every time he touched him, it was like he was going to break,” said Ryan on what he remembers from his six amateur fights against Haney.

“Come try and knock me out. I doubt that. Even when he dropped Regis, he didn’t have the killer instinct. I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to win. I don’t care [what Haney does],” said Ryan.

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