Taylor is the Fighter of the Month and Cruz won Honorable Mention

Taylor is the Fighter of the Month and Cruz won Honorable Mention

The World Boxing Association (WBA) released its November female rankings with the awards for the eleventh month of the year, with Katie Taylor being the Boxer of the Month and Erika Cruz the Honorable Mention.

Taylor stepped into the ring in Dublin, Ireland, for her rematch against Chantelle Cameron for the undisputed super lightweight title and pulled off an impressive victory in one of the best Women’s fights of the year.

The Irishwoman took all the crowns from Cameron in a fight of many exchanges in which she used counter-attack as her main weapon and looked very fast, especially with her hands, to take advantage in most of the fight and win the decision in a very competitive fight.

Cruz dethroned Mayerlin Rivas with a majority decision on November 18 in Los Angeles. The fight was quite even but the aggressiveness of the Mexican prevailed against an opponent that was not easy for her.

In the end, Cruz won her second world title in a different category and is emerging as one of the best fighters of today thanks to her great fights and the show she puts on in the ring.

The WBA women’s rankings are published on the official website of the organization with all the movements corresponding to the month that has just ended.

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