WBA ordered Cruz-Romero fight 

WBA ordered Cruz-Romero fight 

The World Boxing Association (WBA) Female Championships Committee ordered the fight between the super bantamweight champion, Erika Cruz, and the official challenger Nazarena Romero.

The organization sent the communication to both parties on Wednesday, January 17 and the 30-day period to reach an agreement will be extended from January 18 to February 18.

Cruz comes from defeating Mayerlin Rivas last November 18, in Los Angeles, to become the new 122 lbs. champion. Now she must face the Argentinean challenger, who has been waiting for this opportunity in the last months.

In case both parties fail to reach an agreement or refuse to sign the fight, the committee will have the right to call for an auction with a purse split of 75% for the champion and 25% for the challenger.

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