Okolie Aims to Reinvent Himself in Bridgerweight Title Shot Against Rozanski

Okolie Aims to Reinvent Himself in Bridgerweight Title Shot Against Rozanski

Lawrence Okolie, the former WBO cruiserweight champion, is set to make a bold move by challenging the undefeated Lukasz Rozanski for the WBC World Bridgerweight title this Friday, May 24th. The fight will take place at the Podpromie Arena in Rzeszow, Poland and will be broadcast on Sky Sports.

Okolie’s task won’t be easy, as Rozanski is known for his aggressive style reminiscent of Mike Tyson. Given Okolie’s vulnerability, as demonstrated in his previous fight where he was knocked down three times, he will need to stay cautious and keep Rozanski at bay.

Following his loss last year, Okolie (19-1, 14 KOs) has decided to transition to Bridgerweight due to issues with making weight at cruiserweight. If he emerges victorious against Rozansky (15-0, 14 KOs), Okolie may consider a move to heavyweight, following in the footsteps of Oleksandr Usyk who became a unified heavyweight champion after moving up from cruiserweight.

In preparation for the fight, Okolie is confident in his strategy, emphasizing his height and explosiveness as key assets against Rozanski. He aims for a show-stopping knockout and envisions himself becoming a two-weight world champion from Britain.

Reflecting on his decision to move up in weight class, Okolie acknowledges the challenges he faced at cruiserweight and believes that transitioning to bridgerweight will allow him to regain his strength and power lost during training camps. The fight promises to be an exciting showdown, as Okolie looks to reinvent himself and make a statement in the bridgerweight division.

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