‘We turn losses into lessons’: Bill Haney reacts to Ryan’s win over Devin

‘We turn losses into lessons’: Bill Haney reacts to Ryan’s win over Devin

Bill Haney got to watch his son take a beating in a majority decision loss to Ryan Garcia over the weekend, but refused to go into hiding or give the haters any sense that they’re going to shut him up. So taking to an Instagram Live stream, the elder Haney reacted to his son’s loss.

“We outside when we winning, and we outside in defeat,” a smiling Bill Haney said. “We turn losses into lessons and turn ‘em into blessings. One thing I can say is I did always say that I believed Ryan Garcia was a good fighter. We was 3-3 with him. I think he’s an even better TikToker or influence, or whatever because he fooled you guys into thinking he was crazy. I knew that he wasn’t crazy, so it was a good fight but, you know, we got to take it in stride.

“Definitely want a rematch. Devin is still the WBC champion, he couldn’t lose the belt because Ryan was overweight, he didn’t make the scale. But we wanted to make the fight happen and more importantly, being the best fighter, or being the second best fighter or the third best fighter, you can work to get there, you can step back to step back up.

“But the one thing is that my son is the best son in the world to me, and I love him to death. I’ll continue to go to bat for him, I will continue to stay outside. I mean, we didn’t just start this journey when we started boxing, so I’m going to back him fully. I ain’t going nowhere, period.

“So whenever we get back in the gym, that’s what we gonna do. But we gonna definitely hold our head up high, chest out, chin up, and that’s what it means by being a Haney.”

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