Fight week: Davis vs Martin for the WBA belt

Fight week: Davis vs Martin for the WBA belt

In the spotlight this week is the highly anticipated match between Gervonta Davis and Frank Martin at the prestigious MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The World Boxing Association (WBA) lightweight belt will be up for grabs, adding to the excitement of the event.

Davis will be defending his black and gold crown on a special date dedicated to Juneteenth, showcasing his skills and determination in the ring. After a break since his impressive knockout victory over Ryan Garcia in May 2023, Davis is eager to showcase his dominance once again and solidify his position as a leading figure in the boxing world.

Martin, his formidable opponent, is gearing up for the biggest fight of his career. As a talented southpaw with a unique set of boxing tools, Martin is looking to capitalize on his strengths and deliver a flawless performance to potentially dethrone the reigning champion.

The rivalry between the two fighters has been intensifying, with heated face-offs during promotional events and spirited exchanges on social media. These interactions have added an extra layer of motivation for both Davis and Martin as they prepare to face off in the ring.

With a record of 29 wins and 27 knockouts, Davis enters the match as a formidable opponent. Martin, with 18 wins and 12 knockouts to his name, is determined to prove himself against the reigning champion. The stage is set for an exhilarating battle that is sure to captivate boxing fans worldwide.

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