Jared Anderson Training with SugarHill Steward for Fight Against Martin Bakole on August 3rd

Jared Anderson Training with SugarHill Steward for Fight Against Martin Bakole on August 3rd

Jared Anderson is currently undergoing training with SugarHill Steward in preparation for his upcoming challenge against the experienced Martin Bakole on August 3rd at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles.

The question arises – can SugarHill transform Anderson? It seems uncertain whether SugarHill’s approach will work for Anderson, unless he plans to mold him into a relentless fighter like Tyson Fury. However, Anderson’s physique may not be ideal for such a style, as he lacks the weight to physically dominate opponents. The simplistic style SugarHill instilled in Fury may not be effective against top-tier heavyweights.

Despite Fury’s victories under SugarHill’s tutelage, they were against opponents who are not considered elite in the heavyweight division. Now, Jared must face the battle-tested Bakole, who poses a significant challenge unlike any other opponent he has encountered in his career.

Top Rank’s decision to match Anderson against Bakole highlights the need to assess Jared’s potential and determine if he is worth investing in for future development. Anderson’s fighting style has been criticized for being unexciting, akin to a safety-first approach reminiscent of Shakur Stevenson. Lackluster performances against Martin and Merhy raise doubts about his readiness for top competition.

The upcoming fight against Bakole is crucial for Anderson’s future in the sport. A poor showing may prompt Top Rank to reassess his place among their stable of heavyweight prospects. Furthermore, Anderson’s off-ring behavior adds to concerns about his commitment and mindset, essential for success in the division.

With a ranking in multiple sanctioning bodies and wins against decent opposition, Anderson faces an important test that may shape his trajectory in boxing. The bout against Bakole on the undercard of the Riyadh Season event featuring Crawford and Madrimov will be a significant moment for Jared Anderson’s career.

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