98 years of fight for boxing: Manuel Landero passed away

98 years of fight for boxing: Manuel Landero passed away

The World Boxing Association (WBA) mourns the passing of one of its most illustrious and longtime members, the Panamanian Manuel Landero. Born in the midst of the Kuna revolution on June 17, 1925,in David, Chiriqui, was a great supporter of the sport and contributed many things throughout his life.

He was a man of great character and determination, evidently because of the context in which he was born and raised. Only three months before his birth, a peace treaty had been signed with the Panamanian Indians, who were promised better treatment and greater respect for their traditions, they were offered protection and rights, while they laid down their arms and promised to abide by the laws of the State, withdrawing the declaration of independence that had been made.

Landero was the son of Luis and Isabel, who gave their son the best for his future. His home formation and education were key to his growth and development, which would also lead him to the possibility of holding important positions in different fields.

He was Deputy Director of the Electoral Tribunal, Regional Director of Commerce and Industry, Provincial Director of the Sports Institute, Deputy Director of the Superintendence of the Chiriqui Railroad and Director of General Services of the Ministry of Public Works of Chiriqui.

In 1967 he formally joined the WBA, while in 1986, he became a member of the board of directors. He was supervisor of many title fights. In addition, he was part of the protocol and awards commission of the CAC Games in 1970, and the Bolivarian Games in 1972.

A tireless collaborator in the pursuit of innovations and improvements in the WBA, he also stood out as the creator of the magazine summarizing the activities that was distributed at the annual conventions for many years.

He was always important in the decision making of the organization and worked until the final years of his life.

The WBA family is in mourning and also extends its condolences to the family and all around Manuel Landero. Thank you very much, my friend, rest in peace.

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